• The Echo In Our Walls – Performance Outcome – Hay, April 2016

    The Echo In Our Walls – Performance Outcome – Hay, April 2016

      “Outback Theatre has been a wonderful experience for my children…the team were very professional and passionate about the artistic development of kids in our isolated community. Thank you.” Participant’s Father  The Echo in our Walls Project ran throughout 2015 & 2016 and engaged the young people of Hay in the local and oral histories of their town. Where can we find local history in places other than books and newspaper articles? We were interested in excavating stories from less obvious sources: an uncaptioned photograph, the wild asparagus that grows by the riverbank, the words of an elder, the language [...]

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     Creative Engagement Program for Young People with Special Needs DRAMA FORCE is a community driven project that provides young people in Deniliquin with something that unifies and connects them, while at the same time celebrating their creative uniqueness. WHAT WE DO: CREATE a professional, inclusive performance for children and their parents through a comprehensive creative workshop program. EMPOWER and EDUCATE and provide a cultural experience for young people on their own terms, and a leadership opportunity for young performers. Children with special needs will learn new, creative ways of self expression and communication. BRIDGE new friendships and help children with special needs build on their emotional intelligence. [...]

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  • Bordertowns 2016 – Stage 1 Berrigan Shire

    Bordertowns 2016 – Stage 1 Berrigan Shire

    Bordertowns is a community driven work, where young people are given the responsibility of learning skills in verbatim theatre while devising, composing, performing, interviewing locals, and then curating that work into a production.  Professional theatre artists will work with young people from 7 different primary schools in shire, as well as community members through the Berrigan Shire Council. This project aims to engage young people in a large-scale community wide celebration of their place and its people; while encouraging literacy through playwriting workshops and verbatim collection, musicianship through workshops, choirs and composition, and respect and citizenship through cross-generational partnerships and storytelling.  [...]

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  • While You Were Sleeping 2016 – Stage 1 – Deniliquin

    While You Were Sleeping 2016 – Stage 1 – Deniliquin

    While You Were Sleeping is OTYP’s newest project and is all about imagination in unconventional places and unique spaces. It will provide opportunities for young people to work with professional artists on large scale installations. While You Were Sleeping is a street art and innovative public sculpture project that aims to inspire creativity, build a culture of sustainability, increase awareness of the values of recycling, and celebrate the place in which we live. We will engage professional artists, purchase supplies, run workshops, orchestrate overnight installations, and facilitate a project that unites art, environment and community. Throughout 2016 & 2017, we [...]

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  • Balranald Circus Presents ‘Sideshow’

    Balranald Circus Presents ‘Sideshow’

    The Balranald Circus is at it again! Come and join us this Saturday, 13th December at Greenham park in Balranald, from 7pm to watch the wonderful SIDESHOW creations of the young people of Balranald Cenral School, under the watchful eyes of Bec Cooen and Scott McBurnie.

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  • A Week in the Country – by Jessica Bellamy

    A Week in the Country – by Jessica Bellamy

    Last week, commissioned Playwright Julian Larnach, Mentor Jessica Bellamy and Creative Producer Claire Harris got together at HotHouse Thetare’s Country House for the first in a series of residencies to develop Julian’s work for staging in OTYP’s 2015 Season. We were lucky enough to work with HotHouse’s Studio Ensemble, meet some new cow friends and bask in the sunshine and sounds of country life. Jessica, with her usual with and humour, tells us all about it. She really does love us huh?! A Week in the Country The thing about working with Outback Theatre for Young People is: it never [...]

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  • Introducing – THE SIDESHOW PROJECT

    Introducing – THE SIDESHOW PROJECT

    The Sideshow Project in the next chapter in the development of the Balranald Circus; a rural youth circus which began as an OTYP project but is evolving into an autonomous youth movement with the potential to become an independent organisation. The Sideshow Project has three elements. The first is to develop circus, play-building and performance skills with the young people of Balranald; the second is to create an original performance work in the tradition of the local agricultural show, drawing on classic sideshow themes and characters; the third is professional development and leadership workshops with older young people and adults [...]

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    Gifts of Translation is OTYP’s first project across the border in Victoria and will be led by Artistic Directorate member Richie Hallal in 2013/14. This wonderful project is a storytelling, theatre, dance and cultural sharing project which will develop leadership, capacity and cohesion within the community of African migrants and build understanding, co-operative relationships and social cohesion with the wider community of Swan Hill. Phase One (November to December, 2013) focused on working with the African Community to unite people and develop leadership so that all participants can approach Phase Two as a harmonious group. Stories, ideas, concepts and passions [...]

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  • Opportunity of Everything

    Opportunity of Everything from Outback Theatre for Young People on Vimeo. Last year brought some very special achievements for us as a company however nothing is as special as the communities we get to work with and the people we meet. This documentary, “Opportunity of Everything” gives a unique insight to four exceptional young people from Mallan Public School, which closed it’s doors for good last year. This film is a story of community, strength and resilience. The short film, which a part of our Illuminate project based in the Wakool Shire, was directed by Artistic Director, Ange Frost and [...]

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  • What is Illuminate?

    What is Illuminate?

    Illuminate is a celebratory theatre project designed to bring young people together from the isolated townships of the Wakool Shire of NSW. This project will work with participants to create art that reflects the strengths, and encourages the resilience, of the communities they belong to. Each two-week intensive will create its own distinct outcome, but also generate ideas, themes and frameworks for a large-scale visual theatre work, which will be produced at the end of the second stage in 2013; and will see each community feeding into one performance outcome that will tour the communities in the Shire. For more [...]

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