Opportunity of Everything

Opportunity of Everything from Outback Theatre for Young People on Vimeo.

Last year brought some very special achievements for us as a company however nothing is as special as the communities we get to work with and the people we meet. This documentary, “Opportunity of Everything” gives a unique insight to four exceptional young people from Mallan Public School, which closed it’s doors for good last year.

This film is a story of community, strength and resilience.

The short film, which a part of our Illuminate project based in the Wakool Shire, was directed by Artistic Director, Ange Frost and shot and produced by our guest artist, Richie Hallal.

“Opportunity of Everything is the final testament from Mallan Public School students.  We were privileged enough to be invited to work with Mallan Public School in its  final weeks before closure, and we soon realised a film would be the most fitting art-form to celebrate this wonderful community and capture the school for the last time, ” said Richie.
“This film is a final tour of Mallan Public School.  It was launched at presentation night to an audience of families, Principals, Government Officials and past students.  ‘Opportunity of Everything’  represents the successes and joys of the school and the hopes of what the future may hold.”

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