Creative Engagement Program for Young People with Special Needs

DRAMA FORCE is a community driven project that provides young people in Deniliquin with something that unifies and connects them, while at the same time celebrating their creative uniqueness.


  • CREATE a professional, inclusive performance for children and their parents through a comprehensive creative workshop program.
  • EMPOWER and EDUCATE and provide a cultural experience for young people on their own terms, and a leadership opportunity for young performers. Children with special needs will learn new, creative ways of self expression and communication.
  • BRIDGE new friendships and help children with special needs build on their emotional intelligence.

DRAMA FORCE inspires imagination and social development in children with disabilities, specifically young people on the autism spectrum, and capitalizes on the strengths and interests of participants. The series of creative workshops encourages social inclusion, confidence, turn taking, team building, flexible thinking and focus.

In 2017, OTYP aims to further develop a performing arts curriculum with these young people, exposing them to a wider variety of creative art forms, and encouraging their own art making and creativity. During the course of 2016 we saw social development, confidence building and team work skills improving among the participants due to their involvement in the classes. In 2017, we will run weekly classes (8 weeks a term for 4 terms) that culminate in two performances (one mid-year, one end of year) completely devised and dreamed up by the participants.

Workshops focus on: Confidence building, eye contact, art making, movement, negotiation skills and listening. DRAMA FORCE is designed to target the socio-emotional challenges of autism by utilising established behavioural intervention paradigms implemented in combination with theatrical techniques.

The project is supported by Intereach Deniliquin, the Mazda Foundation, Regional Arts NSW and Arts NSW. If you would like to get involved please contact Sarah Parsons at sarah@outbacktheatre.com or (03) 5881 6260

Consolidated Dramaforce 2016

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