artsHub Award

artsHub Award


artshubWe are so honoured to have been selected as the People’s Choice for artsHub’s ‘Innovation Award for a group, organisation or company’  for Secret Places: The Connections Project. 

The award recognises an innovative achievement by a group, organisation or company, meaning ‘a notable highly creative and original piece of work produced by a group of artists, arts organisation or company’.

The artsHub awards were developed to “recognise those who create and support work that is exciting, engaging, challenging or simply excellent and to offer recognition of unique and upcoming Australian artists… (and) aims to encourage and recognise creativity and achievement in all areas of the arts.”

This year’s awards attracted 52 nominations from across the country in a wide range of art forms. The judges included industry professionals, Deborah Conway, Steven Maxwell, Barry Strickland, Simon Abrahams and Lisa Dempster. 

Read more about the 2012 awards here.

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