Illuminate Theatre Making Toolkit

Illuminate Theatre Making Toolkit

Illuminate: Theatre Making Toolkit

Outback Theatre for Young People have developed a toolkit and associated video documentary, informed by Illuminate Stage 2 in 2013, a celebratory theatre project, engaging young people and their communities from across the Wakool Shire of NSW. Young people were mentored by OTYP artists, in all aspects of the documentary making process. This is the resulting toolkit; an accessible living resource that supports creative learning technologies, and clearly articulates the theatre making process.

This project was made possible through support from Arts NSW, Regional Arts NSW and the Australia Council.

Illuminate Toolkit Documentary


Illuminate Toolkit (Entire Downloadable Resource)

Please find below the resources as separate files for easy download. Should you wish to obtain the full Toolkit (with resources as usable excel files) please contact and we will post you a disk.


ACT 1 – Character Background Check

ACT 2 – Character background Check Blank

ACT 3 – Example Headshot



PROD 1 – Blank Contact List

PROD 2 – Schedule Example – WBTC Tour

PROD 3 – Schedule Example – Tiddalik

PROD 4 – Schedule Example Blank

PROD 5 – Production Timeline Example

PROD 6 – Budget

PROD 7 – Petty Cash Expenditure Blank

PROD 8 – Production Meeting Agenda

PROD 9 – Production Meeting Minutes Example

PROD 10 – Risk Assessment

PROD 11 – Incident Accident Report Form

PROD 12 – Bump Out Checklist

PROD 13 – Venue Induction



SM 1 – Running Order Example

SM 2 – Scene Breakdown Example

SM 3 – Scene Breakdown Blank

SM 4 – Script with Cues

SM 5 – Props List Example

SM 6 – Props List Blank

SM 7 – Costume List Example

SM 8 – Costume List Blank

SM 9 – Show Report Example

SM 10 – Show Report Blank



DES 1 – Set Drawing – The Flood

DES 2 – Set Drawing – Muck Heap

DES 3 – Venue Plan – Fortyfivedownstairs

DES 4 – Venue Specifications – Fortyfivedownstairs

DES 5 – Props and Set Breakdown – A Little Princess

DES 6 – Props and Set Breakdown Blank

DES 7 – Props List – The Flood

DES 8 – Costume Breakdown Example

DES 9 – Costume Measurement Sheet

DES 10 – Cue Synopsis Example

DES 11 – Lantern Schedule

DES 12 – Lantern Schedule Blank

DES 13 – Lighting Plan – The Flood

DES 14 – Lighting Cues – Example

DES 15 – Lighting Cues Blank

DES 16 – Sound Cues Blank

DES 17 – Basic Sound Setup

DES 18 – Marketing Collateral Example


FOH 1 – Reconciliation

FOH 2 – Ushers Duty List

FOH 3 – Signage Examples

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