Bordertowns 2016 – Stage 1 Berrigan Shire

Bordertowns 2016 – Stage 1 Berrigan Shire

Bordertowns is a community driven work, where young people are given the responsibility of learning skills in verbatim theatre while devising, composing, performing, interviewing locals, and then curating that work into a production.

Professional theatre artists will work with young people from 7 different primary schools in shire, as well as community members through the Berrigan Shire Council. This project aims to engage young people in a large-scale community wide celebration of their place and its people; while encouraging literacy through playwriting workshops and verbatim collection, musicianship through workshops, choirs and composition, and respect and citizenship through cross-generational partnerships and storytelling.  Working with playwright Julian Larnach (Australian Theatre for Young People, Griffin Theatre) and sound artist and director Danielle O’Keefe (Australian Youth Choir), young people will ask two main questions of their communities: “What are you most proud of?” and “What are you afraid of?”

The answers will be recorded, collated and constructed into a performative work that the entire community has ownership of. The show aims to celebrate the communities of the Berrigan Shire, endow its young people with skills, confidence and pride; and bring people together through art. The funding will be spent on artists fees, travel, accommodation and allowances for artists, equipment (musical instruments, recording devices), sets, costumes and props, technical elements of the production (lighting and projection), travel and vehicles costs.

If you live in the Berrigan Shire and would LOVE to get involved, please contact Sarah Parsons on

This project is made possible through support from ARTS NSW, The Australia Council and the Federally Funded Catalyst program.

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