Our Alumni

 Over the years we have had some very special young people from our region come through our programs. Every month or so we will have a feature piece about one of our alumni.

Peter Seaman

AGE: Twenty Two-ish.

BORN: Hay, in rural NSW. We have a Wikipedia article!
CURRENTLY LIVES: In an apartment I euphemistically refer to as my Batcave (it is slightly better lit than an actual cave), located in north-ish Sydney. Why not swing by for some olives and perhaps a game of Team Fortress?

Since Peter’s time with OTYP, he has “aspired to become a University Professor, after abandoning his initial choice of Batman due to lack of motivation”. Towards this aim, he has achieved an honours degree in politics and is currently undertaking post-graduate study in history.”

He was involved in several productions in 2005/6 including: The Blowfly Olympics, Rewind and Page To Stage. Peter said that his involvement with Outback Theatre shaped a lot of fond memories…


 “Numerous seminal moments from my formative years were a consequence of Outback Theatre, including my first kiss (which, to my surprise was not at all like they are in a romantic comedy.) Yet, the whole experience was entertaining and engaging, offering opportunities for travel and adventure with interesting people, many of whom are still my Facebook friends.”

 Currently: “Beyond attempting to look like Ryan Gosling, hastily trying to conclude an Honours thesis for Politics at Macquarie University – just as long as the European Union doesn’t collapse within the next month I won’t need to change my argument. Eventually, I plan on completing a PhD in the field of history, a qualification which will among other things enable me to fight Daleks and lecture undergraduates.

I think they’re probably my big achievements, there have been some smaller ones such as when I discussed domestic policy with Kevin Rudd on a street corner, made a really nice lasagne served on a bed of chicken for my friends and figured out that house Scotch tastes exactly the same as the pricey stuff in a cocktail.

Outback theatre, beyond being a worthwhile social endeavour, was fundamentally an exercise in communication, one that assisted in the development of my skills in this area.”


Teleha Krause

AGE: 20
BORN: Hay, regional NSW

Teleah got involved with OTYP through an after school drama workshop and performed “Eyes to the Floor”, a play by Alana Valentine.

I began studying my diploma of nursing and got married a little under 12 months ago and am now expecting my first child 🙂

Most importantly OTYP taught me how to express myself. I went from a shy girl who no-one knew to a bright bubbly confident girl who would get involved in group activities without hesitation.


Before my involvement with Outback Theatre I would dread the words “group activity” I was shy, I  had no confidence and was near enough invisible. I didn’t believe in myself or that I could or would ever achieve any of my life goals or dreams. But that shy girl no-longer exists. I’m confident that I will achieve whatever I put my mind to whether it be academic or personal – if I put my mind to it, I will achieve it.
It is all because of Outback Theatre that I am a confident happy young lady. If it wasn’t for my involvement with Outback Theatre I’d no doubt be a small town girl who dropped out of school and wasn’t going anywhere in life and relied on Centrelink payments to be able to live day by day. That however is far from where I am today. Today I am happily married, starting a family and learning how to help others just like they have helped me. Because of Outback Theatre I have a personality that can’t be missed. I’m bright, bubbly and  happy. Instead of the girl who used to run the other way when it came to group work, I’m now the first to volunteer. Thank you Outback Theatre


Alannah Robertson

AGE: 20
BORN: Hay, regional NSW

I first got involved with OTYP when Amy Hardingham came to my high school to approach the drama students. I was involved in numerous projects but the highlight was working with Alana Valentine with the play, Eyes to the Floor.  I was involved with scripting – from the first draft to our performance at Griffith Regional Theatre. It was one of the best acting experiences I’ve ever had.

Before OTYP came to Hay I was incredibly shy so they gave me a chance to get out of my shell. The biggest thing it taught me was to just give things a go. It doesn’t matter what people think of you, just get out there and try it.


I’m currently doing my Diploma in screen acting at Screenwise, which is a screen acting school. It’s the first time that this course has been offered in Australia and I graduate in 6 weeks time. I also work for Ticketmaster. Mostly in box offices for Theatre shows but sometimes I get to do outside events at the Hunter Valley and other music events.

I try and do as much volunteer work as I can for independent theatres such as the New Theatre in Newtown. I get to meet so many people and I’ve gotten acting work from it such as performing at the New Theatre in Extracurricular,which was part of their “Brand Spanking New’ in 2010 and Louise Fischer directed it.

I’ve done a couple of short films since moving to Sydney, mostly student short films but they are a great way to learn, especially how a real set works. I believe you’ve got to support the industry that you want to be in and that’s what I’m trying to do. And acting is a bit like an addiction so if I can surround myself with the industry as much as I can, I’m happy.

OTYP showed me how much I wanted to be and actor and how it was possible. Coming from a small country town, there aren’t too many opportunities so wanting to be an actor always seemed like a far-fetched dream but with Outback Theatre for Young People coming to Hay it gave me the drive to pursue acting.


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